Suds! High Concentrated Shampoo

A Boss Shampoo!

Watch all dem bubbles from dis shampoo,

Remove all dat dirt right in front of you,

Gentle on ya paint, but gets rid of scum,

Ya only need a small amount to get da job done!

Add 3 capfuls per 10 litre bucket and add warm water. No need to keep buying shampoo as Suds! is a concentrate strength
shampoo and as such one bottle goes a long way. Its cleaning ability is legendary!!

Available in 500 ml or 1 Litre



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Shannon from Hertfordshire -

only need a little bit and it works wonders, even leaves an incredible shine without the use of any other products. smells amazing too

Connor Ratcliffe from Plymouth -

Fanatic!! Such little ammount needed for a fantastic clean!!

Aaron from Kent -

You don't need a lot of this shampoo to see fantastic results! loads of suds which helps to collect the dirt but at the same time protects existing polish/wax/sealants! leaves your car smooth and looking shiny with a dirt free finish! A must have for any cleaning collection!

lee from Loughborough -

Smells amazing and lasts forever, the best stuff I've tried. As always I am well happy!!!

Dean from Belper Derbyshire -

Don't need much and great suds a Phat terrific shampoo.

Robert from Mansfield -

Love Phat stuff. This shampoo is the best I've used by a mile, cleans with ease and lasts ages.

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