Suds & Wax Concentrate 500ml or 1 Litre

Must Have Product!

Use in between washes, topping up ya wax,

Boostinyour protection so you can chillax,

Gives a wicked clean, ya car will look so fine,

Ya ride will be gleaminwiv a dazzlinshine

Add 3 capfuls per 10 litre bucket, add warm water, and wash car as normal.
Be sure to buff dry using a drying towel, job done! Do not allow to dry naturally.
* Drying towel not included



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Zane from Uppingham -

Amazing stuff! Best on the market!

Ryan from Plymouth -

A must have ! One of my favourites ! Smells insane and leaves your car clean and shiny instantly after drying and buffing !

Shane from Nottingham -

My favourite Phat product, great shampoo & wax combination. Every new wash always adding a layer of wax making the car look fantastic.

Dean from Belper Derbyshire -

Surprised how good this is, a great time saver with great results.

Tom from Surrey -

Very impressed, this product saves so much time. Will defo use from now on.

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