Get Ya Zest On! APC 500ml/1 Litre or 2 Litres

Freakin' Fresh Product!

Lookinfor a pre wash thats freakinfresh?

Dis fruitilicious product is packed wiv zest,

Wiv its orangery tang, it wont be long,

Till ya smell the citrus blast, Get Ya Zest On!

The must have product that everyones talking about!


Get Ya Zest On! APC, Pre wash can be used on literally anything.

Dilute with water to get desired strength and use on vehicle prior

To shampooing or on wheels, engine bay or even carpets etc etc

This product is a must have, 500ml of Get Ya Zest On!
diluted with water gives you a huge amount of cleaning power!

* Microfibre cloth not included



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Lisa from Leicester -

I only use Phat products now and this stuff is wicked. You can use it for soooo many jobs its unreal, a defo product to have. Me and few friends did a little road trip over to Phat shop, beautiful place, large car park (so no fear of getting car door dinted by idiots!) Shop is fantastic well worth a visit abd the drive there is nice scenic country roads, cant wait to go back☺

Graham from essex -

Awesome, awesome by far the best product around!!! Always impressed with Phat products and the guys are the nicest people you will meet.

Connor Ratcliffe from Plymouth -

One product, a thousand uses!! Brilliant, highly recommended.

Marcus from Manchester -

Brilliant, I love this stuff. Mix it with water and use on wheels, archers, carpets, engine bay on anything really! Smells great, thx

Sarah from Loughborough -

Brilliant, I use it in a 1 litre pump sprayer, even cleans my wheels easely.

Weight 0.6kg