Fallout! 500ml or 1 Litre

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Bleeding Awesome Product!
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Fink ya car is clean? Give Fallout a try,

When ya see it turn purple, it catches ya eye,

As it hits contaminants it’s easy to spot,

Once its finished bleedinthen just rinse off!

Spray Fallout! on alloy wheels and bodywork, initially the colourless liquid will gradually turn purple after a minute or two
Then rinse off with clean water.

Fallout! is safe to use on all types of wheel surfaces.

*Brush not included




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Dean from Belper Derbyshire -
My cars Black but turned Purple just shows how much unseen contaminates are on it. Great product.
Wayne from Mansfield -
Wicked product guys, love the stuff
Shane from Nottingham -
Very nice product, impressive to watch as the car turns purple showing up the hidden contaminants on the paintwork which you wouldn't normally see.
Bradley from Plymouth -
I have black wheels and seeing them turn purple just goes to show how good this product works and once washed off my wheels looked like new highly recommend
Aaron from Kent -
A product which is safe to use on alloys or paintwork to help get the 'fallout' out of your paintwork, once applied and left for a few seconds, the product then starts to change colour once the 'fallout' has been collected. a quick rinse and the paintwork looks like new! A must have for your cleaning colection!
Connor Ratcliffe from Plymouth -
Absolutely fantastic wheel cleaner, also works a treat on getting the grime out of the engine bay!!
Mark from Bristol -
Can't get enough watching this product turn purple, this will decontaminate your car with ease, once washed off it's "spotless"
Chris from Kent -
Actions speak for yourself with this product!! Wheels and bodywork works anywhere !
Reece king from Warwickshire -
Just wow! Effortlessly cleans wheels leaving them fresh and glistening. Pure bliss to use and even smells good to!
CL Detailing from Leicester -
The best Fallout remover i have used, long drying time compared to rivals so gives you time to work, see results seconds after application and unlike most other fallout removers it smells really good
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