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Spray Wax To The Max 500ml or 1 Litre
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Spray Wax To The Max 500ml or 1 Litre

Wicked Liquid Wax!

If ya want a showroom look but aint got much time,

This product will give ya an amazing shine!

Easy and quick to apply, a wicked liquid wax,

Also givingreat protection, Spray Wax To The Max!

Phat's awesome liquid spray wax!!

* Drying towel not included


Apply product to one panel at a time and buff off using a microfibre cloth. Spray Wax To The Max!
can transform and protect a clean car within minutes. A fantastic product to use after your weekly wash,
creating an amazing glossy shine and providing your vehicle with a protective layer of wax. 


Customer Reviews
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5 Stars
Amazing stuff! saves me hours. Really is so simple to use, spray on, leave a minute and then buff off, Thankyou guys.
5 Stars
I use this after I've cleaned the car over with Suds & Wax. Doesn't take long at all to apply and buff off quicker than your hard wax and the results are great.
5 Stars
Very impressed with the products I've tried so far. This has got to be the easiest wax I've used, cracking stuff. Can't wait to try more products and the raps on the back of the bottles always make me smile!!
5 Stars
Well happy, tried few of you products and impressed. Can't wait for your glaze to come out, tried a sample and it's banging stuff, thx
5 Stars
If you don't have time to wax your car then this product is for you! just spray onto your paintwork and wipe off.. its that easy! works well with 'suds' shampoo, for best results you can spray on and leave for a few seconds before wiping with a microfibre cloth! leaves your car shining, smooth and protected!
5 Stars
very quick and easy to use and gives your car an amazing shine, really is one of the best spray wax' around
5 Stars
Spray wax to the max.... well you get maximum gloss and protection ! And this stuff smallz insane ! Smells exactly like refreshers !😍
5 Stars
After having my car wrapped I swear by this stuff! Absolutely brilliant and so easy to apply using the two cloth method. It keeps the car nice and shiny and is very hydrophobic. Works well on the wrapped and original paint sections of the car, would recommend.