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Keep 'Em Shiny! Wheel Sealant 250ml
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Keep 'Em Shiny! Wheel Sealant 250ml

A nano wheel wax
Apply to all ya alloys to make 'em gleam,
Protect against dirt wiv an ace sheen,
Puts a barrier on, so easy to use,
A nanoseal to keep 'em lookin smooth!

A nano wheel sealant. Spray onto clean wheels and leave to soak for a minute,
use a clean microfibre cloth to buff dry. Nano technology for those wicked rims!
Customer Reviews
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5 Stars
As with all Phat products I've been very impressed. This product is so easy to use and when you go to clean your wheels the next time the dirt litturaly just comes off. Great products and an amazing company. Buy with 100% confidance
5 Stars
East Sussex
Brilliant product. East to use, smells and looks great. Just the job for my far too expensive wheels!!
5 Stars
Such a easy product to use ! Spray on let glaze and wipe off !! The shine is unreal ! Especially on my front polished alloys
5 Stars
So easy to use ! And makes your wheels so easy to clean next time rounds x100! The durability of this product is brilliant